Products & Services

Concord Specialty Risk offers the following products and services:

Tax insurance
Tax Evaluation Services
Representations & Warranties Insurance
Pending Litigation Insurance
Litigation Evaluation Services
(Other) Contingent Liability Insurance
(Other) Contingent Liability Evaluation Services

Who Uses Our Products & Services

Concord Specialty Risk provides benefits to:

Equity funds seeking to minimize risk, maximize sale proceeds or acquire a company on enhanced terms

Tax Directors seeking to minimize risk associated with their tax planning

Corporate Managers seeking to avoid future budgetary surprises

Auditors seeking objective certainty in the measurement of a tax position or contingent liability

Lawyers seeking an alternative to sensitive negotiations over escrow, indemnity or price adjustment

Investment Bankers seeking deal certainty, less disclosure and quicker closings

Insurance Brokers and Wholesalers seeking to offer niche solutions as part of insurance due diligence