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• August 18, 2017 – Aviation West Reps and Warranty Claim Resolved Amicably
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• April 18, 2017 – James A. Grayer, Esq., Distinguished M&A Attorney, Joins Concord Specialty Risk
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• Tax Insurers Eye Mega-Deals As Sector Hits $1 Billion Mark. Dave De Berry, CEO of Concord Specialty Risk, offers insight.
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• Kirkland & Ellis Proclaims that Concord "Exemplifies A Client's Positive Claim Experience" in R&W Insurance.
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IRS Expressly Suggests That Tax Equity Investors May Obtain Tax Insurance to Gain Further Tax Certainty in Rev. Proc. 2014-12. Section 4.05(2)(a) of the attached IRS Guidance describes impermissible guarantees that, if made by a sponsor or developer to a tax equity investor investing in historic tax credits would remove the investment from "safe harbor" status. The last sentence of that section states: "This requirement does not prohibit the Investor from procuring insurance from persons not involved with the rehabilitation or the Partnership." This is just the latest example of the IRS viewing tax insurance with favor, as a source of capital that "puts its money where its mouth is" and serves as a means to help taxpayers navigate our complex tax Code.

• November 8, 2012 – Concord Specialty Risk Hires Shane de Burca As Chief Underwriting Counsel.
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• February 10, 2011 – Ryan Specialty Group, LLC Acquires Concord Specialty Risk.
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• Concord Specialty Risk will soon be providing tax insurance and evaluation services to help companies comply with FIN 48.

• Final IRS (Treasury) Regulations have, for the second time, acknowledged tax insurance while imposing no reporting obligations unless a "reportable transaction" is insured and other conditions are satisfied. Concord Specialty Risk does not insure "reportable transactions", as defined in IRS Reg. 1.6011-4. We promote a culture of compliance and prudent tax (and cash flow) planning and are the "gold seal" of whether such planning can achieve certainty.