Management Team & Leadership

The leadership of Concord Specialty Risk has almost two decades of collective experience underwriting the niche products, and providing the related services, now provided by Concord Specialty Risk.

David S. De Berry, CEO, is an attorney with experience in both transactional matters and litigation. He has a Masters in Tax Law (NYU). He served as an insurance executive for an A+ carrier before forming Concord Specialty Risk.

Kenneth W. De Berry, President, is the co-founder of Concord Specialty Risk. He is a CPA licensed in New York. He has "Big Four" audit experience and also treasury experience with a number of Fortune 100 companies. He was an officer for an A+ carrier, heading its "Transactional Risk" department, prior to forming Concord Specialty Risk.

Business Values

Concord Specialty Risk is governed by the following value guidelines:

Premiums and fees should be adequate but not excessive

Terms should be fair, flexible and tailored (within a sustainable business model)

Communications should be discrete, honest, responsive and respectful

Demeanor and comportment of operations should be professional